New Zookeeper Album – Pink Chalk! Whoa!

Just a few days ago, I posted an OLD track from the band Mineral. The band put out a couple great albums and 7″‘s, but then broke up. The singer, Chris Simpson when on to front The Gloria Record – which was hands down amazing. After that, he has done a project called Zookeeper.  Some good tracks. Great news – Zookeeper just announced a new album.   
Very exciting! 
For good measure, here is a Gloria Record and Zookeeper track to further whet your appetite!

Current Obsession: Mineral, The Gloria Record, Zookeeper, Chris Simpson

Every once in a while I get in music ruts.  Lately, I have been stuck on mid-90s – present indie-emo-pioneer Chris Simpson and his many bands – Mineral, The Gloria Record and Zookeeper.  Anyway – I suggest you go buy some of this stuff!  Consider starting with The Gloria Record’s “A Lull in Traffic” EP and Mineral’s “End Serenading” LP.  Classic stuff. 

Zookeeper live Tracks

My Old Kentucky Blog posted a great live session of Chris Simpson (Mineral, The Gloria Record) and his latest band Zookeeper playing a few tunes. Its an OLD post, but I just found it. Enjoy. Here’s the tracks that were posted on the original.

Live on My Old Kentucky Blog SIRIUS Radio

Zookeeper – Royalties
Zookeeper – Everyone’s A DJ
Zookeeper – Meet The Kid

Some other Zookeeper tracks for you (also from MOKB)

Zookeeper – Ballad Of My Friends
Zookeeper – Trumpets
Zookeeper – Snow In Berlin
Zookeeper – Becoming All Things