Song du Jour Nr. 139: Gift of Gab – So So Much

  • Its Thanksgiving.
  • We have “so so much” to be grateful for.
  • I would be really grateful for the new Blackalicious album the Gift of Gab and Xcel have been promising.
    • But, this will have to suffice.
  • From Gift of Gab’s 2012 Next Logical Progression.

Song du Jour Nr. 134: S. Carey – Fire-Scene

Lately while running in the mountains, I have been listening to S. Carey.
I used to listen to fast paced music, and when running pavement in town I still do.
But something about being on trails up in the mountains makes me want to listen to stuff like S. Carey, Volcano Choir, Sigur Ros, etc…
Its fitting that the video is all natural shots.

From his 2014 Range of Light