Albums you Must own (for $5 a piece!) Nr. 04 is constantly running $5 album deals for mp3 albums..  Each month or so, they post a new list of 100 albums.
Here are a few albums from their list that should 100% be in your music collection.
Did I mention these are all only $5
Others you should probably pick up while they are cheap:

Mumford & Sons – The best way to spend $7.99

In the recent past, there has only been one album for which I have been willing a hands-down, recommend to any and everyone with a ironclad guaruntee that they would love the album: that was  Fleet Foxes‘ self-titled debut LP.

I haven’t been willing to give such a strong recommendation until now.  I know I have blogged about them in the last few days, but feel the need to do so again.  Let me introduce Mumford & SonsSign No More.  This is folk and roll at its best!  They combine some very familiar folky (at times even Irish-ish) elements and embue them with an exuberance, bombasticity (not a word, I know) and sing-along harmonies that has me fully hooked.  I have not been this excited about a band for quite a while!

To top it off, is selling it for $7.99.

So here is my guarantee-clad recommendation (I won’t do this very often, so I’m quite serious about this).

I hereby promise you that if you purchase this album, you WILL love it.

No matter what kind of music you are into, you will love this.  If you don’t, well, then I will have to seriously reconsider my acumen as a self-proclaimed purveyor and connoisseur of fine music.

Here are a few samples:

Best Albums of 2010 (1 of 4) (amended)

This is an amendment to my previous post.  I recently have been listening to the new Mumford & Sons album, and didn’t include it on this list because I saw that it had been released in October of 2009.  But, a friend (Ryan of You Look Nice Today Photography) just mentioned that October 2009 was the UK release, the US release was February 2010!!!  Hooray!  That means I can include it on this years list, and at #1 on less!

Here are my favorite albums for the first 3 months of 2010.  Rather than monthly editions, I am only doing 4 this year. 


  1. Mumford & SonsSign No More
  2. ShearwaterThe Golden Archipelago
  3. Rocky VotolatoTrue Devotion
  4. JonsiGo 
  5. Vampire WeekendContra
  6. The Weakerthans Live at Burton Cummings Theatre
  7. The Morning BendersBig Echo
  8. Broken BellsBroken Bells
  9. Beach HouseTeen Dream
  10. SpoonTransference
  11. Drew DanburryGoodnight Gary
  12. GalacticYa-Ka-May
  13. Rogue WavePermalight


  1. Cold War Kids Behave Yourself
  2. Bright Eyes & Neva DinovaOne Jug of Wine, Two Vessels (Reissue with new tracks)