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Here are a few albums from their list that should 100% be in your music collection.

Local Natives
Gorilla Manor

Minus the Bear
Menos el Oso

Coconut Records

Kill the Moonlight

Album Review – Minus the Bear – Omni

These Seattle stalwarts have come a LONG way from Highly Refined Pirates.  In my book, it still may stand as their seminal work.  Since then, however, they have delved deep through glitchy samples, electronic gadgetry, math-rock guitar noodlery, and most recently on Omni, all out dance grooves.  I doubt they aimed to make a dance album, and I don’t think I would actually call this a dance album . . . but . . . you cannot help but bob your head as it plays.  Hook after hook, funky basslines, and irresistible grooves.  Amazingly, as has been the case with each reinvention of Minus the Bear, this album (for all its uniqueness) is still thoroughly Minus the Bear.  Through out their career, this band has done a masterful job of evolving and expanding their sonic palette while holding to some discernible core ethos and texture.  I don’t know how they do it, but I love it.  Favorite Tracks include My Time, Into the Mirror, and Broken China [a b-side].
Release Date:
May 4

Stream the new Minus the Bear album – Omni

Heads up!  You can currently stream the entire new MTB album, Omni, on  This may be your only chance to fully digest it before the official release date on May 18th.

I have been reviewing the album for a few days now, and the LP as a whole does not disappoint!  The few early tracks and one b-side we heard in past months were great teasers, and the rest of the album lives up to expectations.  Noodly guitars, crazy loops, hooks galore and GROOVES!  Man, my office mate must think I am crazy because I have been physically rocking back and forth for the last couple hours!

Here are some preview tracks we posted previously:

From Omni [2010]

B-side from the Into the Mirror single [2009]

Minus the Bear – Broken China [mp3]

Preorder here:

REPOST: New mp3s by Thom Yorke (Radiohead), Minus the Bear and Bright Eyes

We recently posted new songs by Thom Yorke (of Radiohead), Minus the Bear and Bright Eyes.
They all deserve a mass repost, since the new tunes are so awesome.

Bright Eyes – Happy Accident [mp3]

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