An open letter to NBC

Dear NBC,

RE: Jay Leno vs. Conan O’Brien

I can’t believe you are bumping Leno back to the later night spot.  Boo.  Conan is so much better.  I completely can’t blame him for quitting.  Sad, sad, sad.

Leno is so old and stale, I just can’t believe NBC’s decision.




Bright Eyes on Leno

Wow – 2 posts in a row featuring performances on Jay Leno. I’m not a big Leno fan . . . but whoever is doing his booking may just win me over! Nah . . . I’ll just catch it all online.


Here are a couple other new Bright Eyes Videos that I REALLY like from his new Cassadaga LP. While there are tunes on the album that I’m not too crazy about, these 2 are great! In fact, if all of Bright Eyes’ music sounded like these 2 songs, he would vault himself up near the top of my favorite artists. Unfortunately, most of his releases have been hit and miss for me. These are 2 great videos though with some great strings.

Four Winds

Hot Knives

Consider buying:

Spoon performs on Jay Leno

Spoon has long been a band that I have really wanted to like, but never have. I know, I know . . .that is probably some sort of indie rock heresy, but its true. (Speaking of heresy . . . go check out Maritime‘s new album Heresy and the Hotel Choir . . . I’ll blog about that later). However, seeing as Rob Pope (of The Get Up Kids fame) is now playing bass with them, I decided to check out their new, and highly acclaimed, album Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. And, much to my pleasure, I loved it.

So – here is a video of them playing a new song off the album.