Live Tracks Nr. 03 – Father John Misty: Bored in the USA [Live on Letterman]



Live Tracks Nr. 02: Calexico – Para [Live ft. Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra]

This comes from Calexico’s amazing live album, Spiritoso. It is one of my top 5 live albums of all time.

I like how Pitchfork described it:

“Featuring the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra, the song rumbles with thundering tympani, baroque strings, great blasts of brass, and what sounds like a klezmer band being heaved into Monument Valley.”

Live Tracks Nr. 02: Josh Ritter – Kathleen [live]

Here is a great example of an ok song that completely transforms in its live rendition – more energy, more growly gravelly voice, more goosebumps. On the Live from Dublin CD there is a great intro as well, not included in the DVD video clips below.  In any case – if you don’t know Josh Ritter, you should. His 2006 album The Animal Years is up there on my favorites of all time.

Live Tracks Nr. 01: My Morning Jacket – Gideon [live]

Live Tracks:
random tracks that I like better live

My Morning Jacket’s Okonokos live album is one of my favorite live albums of all time. The live version of Gideon on Okonokos is particularly goosebump-inducing. Listen to that wail!

Here is a live version with the Boston Pops on Letterman. Sound quality is lacking, but you get the idea.