Totes Magotes: Bahamas and the Challenge of Meeting Expectations

Totes Magotes
Random thoughts on what I’m listening to or thinking about lately
My #1 album of the year in 2012 was by Toronto-based musician, Bahamas. Barchords was an unexpected hit for me. Stylistically it wasn’t really like anything else I was listening to, but for some reason I couldn’t turn it off.  The song, Lost in the Light, got particularly heavy airplay.
So, I was excited a few weeks ago when I heard that Bahamas was returning with a new LP, Bahamas is Afie. Big expectations. This, of course, creates a problem. On my first listens of the new album, my brain is constantly checking it against his previous Barchords. So, I wonder if I am not giving it a fair listen. There are some good tracks, but I sense myself feeling a little let down. I am hopeful that after a few more listens I will be able to appreciate for what it is – instead of judging it for what it isn’t (Barchords, v. 2.0).
In any case, here’s a standout track – All the Time

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